Surveying, Drafting, & Plans


Typically, a Total Station is used for surveying in improved efficiency and accuracy in Civil Engineering related applications. A total station is an electronic optical instrument used in today’s building, construction, structural and Civil Engineering related applications that requires accurate and pin point vertical and horizontal data points. It is used to pick up very specific data points that can describe objects, locations, land, buildings, curb line, road center lines, property lines etc. It essentially is an electronic theodolite, otherwise known to most as a transit or just a computerized transit. It has a computer system in it so that it can read distances electronically. It has the ability to provide slopes, distances, and elevations provided there is a point of reference.

With our experienced team of Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians we are well versed in providing solutions with surveying. Land development and terrain modeling software then allows our team to use the data taken from the Total Station to draw the entire infrastructure that will be required for the site and to develop quantities for contract and construction purposes. If needed, we have expertise in producing Digital Terrain Models that may be further used in design, or just quantity calculations. We will provide solutions that are clean and cost effective.


We use the latest version of AutoCAD software that can provide different drafting solutions for different engineering applications. We are experienced in providing detailed designs, quantity calculations, layouts and accurate points to suit the needs of the solution.

We have in the past provided the Ontario, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Natural Resources, First Nation Communities, and various Contractors throughout Thunder Bay Region and the surrounding communities with surveying and drafting solutions.

Additionally, we can facilitate your survey data that you have field collected and we could help you create a Digital Terrain Models for use in design and quantity calculations as a solution, if you don’t have access to the specialized software necessary.


Our team is happy to facilitate solutions with the ability to provide large scale prints of desired drawings, lot plans, and even large scaled blue prints for architectural plans.