Environmental Water/Waste Management


Protection of our natural environment is paramount while designing and during construction. Protection of water bodies and wetlands from siltation requires Environmental Engineers to design protection schemes in order to remove or prevent harmful contaminants, like silt, from the storm water prior to entering into natural streams and water bodies.


With our experienced team of Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians we are well versed in providing solutions for environment management. With, close consultation from our associates Delcan Corporation’s Environmental Group, we have abilities to provide water quality surveys, interpretation on water quality data, and even provide analysis of the capacity of receiving waters to assimilate treated waste water are all possible. Also, we the ability to provide evaluation on the performance of sewage and water treatment plants. We also can conduct waste water sampling and monitoring programs. Additionally, the following are other solutions that we have experience in providing.

  • Environmental Assessment and Permits
  • Ecological and Biological Surveys
  • Wetland and Natural System Designs
  • Public Consultation
  • Erosion/Sediment Control and Construction Management Plans
  • Project Management and Contract Administration Services
  • Location of Gravel Sources and Soils Surveys


We have the experience in providing solutions for the design, construction of storage reservoirs, water pumping stations, development of new groundwater and surface water supplies. Additionally, the following are other solutions that we have experience in providing.

  • Groundwater Resource Surveys
  • Water Quality and Treatability
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Sources
  • Water Budget/Balance
  • Irrigation Systems

Water management is an integral part of design and construction for roads and highway. This leads to use of silt fences, silt curtains, flow check dams and settlement ponds, among other mechanisms, designed to slow the flow and allow tiny particulates to settle before the storm water is released to the natural environment. We have experience with Class Environmental Assessments including liaison with government agencies and the public. We have been involved in the various design and management of storm water systems. The following outline other solutions that we have experience in providing.

  • Watershed Plans, Class Environmental Assessments, Storm water Management Plans, Natural Channel Design, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Monitoring
  • Design Storm Water Management Systems, Creek and River Works, and Conveyance Structures
  • Provide Support for Land Use and Transportation Planning
  • Floodplain Analysis and Establish Flood Line

Regarding solutions in the removal of chemical contaminants from the storm water, there are a number of commercially manufactured systems. These vary in process depending on the type and the quantity of contaminants. Most storm water management systems installed in Northwestern Ontario do not involve a chemical contamination removal processes, but rely only on the settlement process for particle removal. With close consultation with our counterpart Delcan Corporation’s Environmental Group we have the ability to provide a solution and appropriate delivery to suite the removal of chemical contaminants.


We have expertise in providing consultation to landfill owners and their planned site designs. Services include preliminary feasibility investigations, and hydrogeology assessments to detailed designs, which include yearly monitoring and operational control. Additionally, for Solid Waste Management he following outline solutions we have experience in providing.

  • Sludge Management and Disposal
  • Waste Management Master Plans / Waste Audits
  • Landfill Planning and Design
  • Composting Facilities