Contract Managment, Digital Diary Software

We are very specialized in Highway Designed Contract Management… so much, we even developed a fully functional electronic diary. Software, specifically designed for Contract Management. It has been successfully utilized for nearly all of our Projects for the Ontario, Ministry of Transportation (MTO), we have worked on since 2004. This has proved helpful in transmitting records from the Consultant’s office to MTO and to keep everyone informed about the current Projects Status. The digital diary has proved accommodating to expedite the tasks for Progress Payments and internal quality checks. This has been a proven benefit to MTO to help lower cost from Administration.

The Contract Management Software was developed by Keith Mayer in 2003, after spending a few seasons out in the field. Both packages are copyrighted. They allow the Consultant team, Contractors, Contract Administrators and their staff to digitally manage the contract. It helps with record keeping, daily requirements for inspections, track financial and quantity records for payment invoices, and other activities required for contract management. It was developed to run within Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is a data management system that allows users to develop application software.

  • Inspectors Digital Diary (IDD)
  • Contractor Payment Calculator (CPC)

IDD and CPC improves inspecting procedures, it provides progress to final reports, and various other reports required throughout contract work. It allows the Contract Administrator, Owner and Contractor quick and simple access to monitoring the project expenses. Digital diaries are cost effective. It will save you time and money. Reporting is all electronic, can be easily populated and reviewed. Especially, useful for forensic investigative contract purposes.

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