Inspectors Digital Diary (IDD)

IDD was created to assist Contract Administrators and Inspectors in the record keeping for inspections, quantities and payments for projects.

Key Benefits:

  • Import items and sub codes from Ministry Digital Data (CPS)
  • Complete inspections for items with automatic references to the Construction and Administration Task Manual (CAIT)
  • Record item quantities
  • Produce Fuel Price Adjustment calculations and reports
  • Produce Progress Payment/Status reports on any time frame
  • Print backup information for the progress reports
  • Print inspection reports sorted by Item, subcode, time period or any combination of all three

IDD has been developed to run with MS Access.  If your company does have MS Access, we can provide a run-time version for you at no additional cost.  A demonstration CD of IDD can be arranged upon request for you to be able to take a look at the features that are included within the program.

The following is a walk through for IDD:

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