Contract Management

Access Road

We have many years of experience in Contract Management. Our team of Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians  are qualified and capable of providing all of necessary to requirements for Project Management, Contract Administration, Inspection, Quality Assurance and even Quality Control.

Our experience include numerous projects ranging from construction of highway and airport facilities to small municipally owned roads, total construction administration/design management projects, and or just the delivery of the service to even only required inspections as outlined in provisions.

Total Construction Administration and Design Management projects undertaken include:
  • Flanders Road upgrading
  • Infield Development Project at Thunder Bay Airport
  • Hammond Avenue Trunk Sewer
  • Construction of airport facilities including runway overlays, taxiways and fire halls for various island countries in the Caribbean Islands
  • Bowater Paper Thunder Bay Mill Waste Water Domestic Upgrade 2005-2006
  • Reconstruction of five municipally owned roads for the Township of Shuniah in Thunder Bay
  • Over 100 km of forest access roads for the Ministry of Natural Resources

These projects included reconstruction of access roads, taxiways, infield roads and an air traffic control tower. This includes the Contract Administration, the planning of all phases of the design, the contract preparation, the completion of the construction and project finalization.

Some successfully completed administered construction contracts include:
  • Highway 11, Geraldton Superpave Overlay 
  • Highway 17b, Kenora By-Pass Hot-In-Place Resurfacing 
  • Highway 11, Sturgeon and Pinewood River Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Highway 11, Shabaqua Highway construction 
Additionally, construction Inspection services have been provided to stakeholders such as:
  • The Greater Toronto Airport Authority at Lester B  
  • Pearson International Airport
  • City of Thunder Bay at the Gratton Road Twin Culvert installation and Edward Street Bridge Rehabilitation sites

With a multitude of successfully completed projects, we have a full understanding of Project Management, Contract Administration, Inspection, Quality Assurance and Quality Control . This includes construction, contract documents, interpretation, contractual direction, record keeping, to even the final documentation required for submission at the completion of the work.