With our experienced team of Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians we are well versed in providing solutions for civil structural projects. Our experience includes detailed inspection, condition surveys, tendering, inspection and contract administration, for culverts, retaining walls, sanitary structures, structural bridge rehabilitation and even painting of existing structural steel. Our focus has been primarily on performing bridge deck condition surveys, structural bridge rehabilitation or replacement and painting of existing structural steel for bridges.

Condition Surveys

The Ontario, Ministry of Transportation’s Structure Rehabilitation Manual covers all the requirements from the type, sampling frequency, testing, reporting requirements, and even sampling forms for documentation. This manual is essentially the baseline reference point for all conditions surveys in standardizing our data output in publishing a report for our stakeholders in different circumstances and capacities.

We have been performing bridge deck condition surveys since 1981.  Projects include structures from Bailey bridges to multiple spanned concrete decks on steel and, or precast concrete beams and even parking garage structures. Bridge deck condition surveys are carried out according to the testing and procedural requirements as outlined in the manual.

The majority of our condition surveys carried out have been on highway bridges for the Ontario, Ministry of Transportation, and include the following
  • Kam River Bridge on Highway 61
  • Kaministiquia River Bridge on Highway 11/17
  • Noden Causeway Structures on Highway 11 in Fort Frances
  • Structures on highways 11, 17, 61, 103 and 105
Other stakeholders include the Municipality and City of Thunder Bay, where work was performed on the following.
  • Pacific Avenue Bridge
  • Keskus Parkade

Additionally, we have performed scaled down condition surveys for various Contractors, as well as for few First Nations communities in Ontario.

Overall, we have performed over 60 bridge deck condition surveys in all of Ontario.

Structural Rehabilitation or Replacement and Coating of the Existing Steel

To complement the condition surveys we have an abundance of experience working with projects that require structure rehabilitation and the coating of the structural steel. We have certified NACE CIP Level I Inspectors. The successful delivery of these completed projects speaks for itself.

All of these structure and painting rehabilitation’s were completed for the Ontario, Ministry of Transportation, as the listed by the following.
  • Kenel and Alder Creek structures on Highway 17
  • Bears Passage Bridge on Highway 11
  • Seine River Bridge on Highway 11
  • Pigeon River Bridge on Highway 61
  • Buadette/Rainy River on Canadian half for the International bridge on Highway 11
  • Sturgeon River Bridge on Highway 11
  • Pinewood River Bridge on Highway 11

Additionally, we have experience in providing structural design solutions. For the City of Thunder Bay, the Gratton road twin culverts, we provided design and contract administration for a twin 2.4 meter diameter culvert, including concrete cut-off walls and gabion headwalls as replacement for an existing wood box culverts at the Neebing River. Also, we have in the past provided design for Ministry of Natural Resources, which was of a steel river bridge with a three span timber deck, on steel beams, on timber piled structures.