Our team of experienced Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians are qualified in providing all of the design solutions necessary to meet transportation requirements such as:

  • Road Studies & Management Plans
  • Route Selection and Preliminary Design Reports
  • Bridges and Culverts
  • Project Management / Contract Administration / Inspection and Quality Control
  • Field Surveys
  • Preliminary / Functional / Detail Design
  • Prioritized Contract Content Analysis
  • Traffic Management
  • Provincial and Municipal Class Environment Assessments
  • Contract Preparation
  • Contract Construction Layouts
  • Highways, Access & Winter Roads

Highway and road design entails much more than simply drawing a line through the terrain, then using sophisticated software to obtain estimates to produce the design and contract documents. It requires knowledge to visualize and assess potential problem areas, in order to obtain a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, combined optimal driving comfort, and safety features for a final product.

We have experience in all aspects of highway and road design for both urban and rural settings. Our capabilities include total project management from the planning, the construction, the administration, and even the inspection. Satisfaction of our stakeholder’s needs is paramount. Even though our preference is to carry out projects from their conception to the final product, we are content in providing solutions of course within any stage, or even the combination of any of the project phases. Our stakeholder’s dictate their service needs.

The majority of projects we have been involved with, have been carried out for the Ontario, Ministry of Transportation. However, we do have experience working for the Municipality. Major highway project solutions we’ve been involved with in Ontario, include preliminaries and detailed design for highway 2, 11, 17, 17B, 61, 401, 519, 561, 598, 658, as well as various others.

We have been involved in over 200 km of access road work, from the design, construction, and contract administration of new and even complete reconstruction since 1969. MNR, paper companies and timber operations require low class all weather roads to access, management units and for cutting licences of their areas. The usual process in access road construction involves location of the road using photogrammetry methods, survey of the selected alignment on the field, design with the quantity estimates, contract preparation and the construction administration including all necessary inspections.  Location of available gravel sources and the soils surveys are carried out during the field engineering survey phase of the project.

In 1979, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) started building and funding construction in Northwestern Ontario of approximately 300 km of access roads, including bridges, under the Provincial Government introduced DREE Program. We have been involved in various capacities with the majority of the DREE roads system.  Our involvement in access road design and  construction has been as early as 2002, with design of the last 4.5 km of Flanders Road reconstruction, for Lac La Croix First Nation in the Atikokan area.